Week 3

This week we were at the Powerhouse again, however my subject matter was from New Farm Park.

I was much more prepared this time and had more of an idea of how to approach the painting. I chose to paint one of the water fountains with the river in the background. I liked the idea of using a circle shape to frame the work (similar to the portal windows found on the powerhouse) as I felt this would help me create a stronger composition and focus.

I have used a circle before in other woks and found it was a good way to make a successful composition.

Bartkowiak_Ingrid_Vortex  EPSON MFP image


I was also interested in using a minimal colour palette this week – I had done a few colour experiments the week before of placing certain pigments together to see what I liked the look of.

I found this artist Sally West through The Jealous Curator ‘s website and I was drawn to the simple colour palette and shapes she uses.

The below image is from the Jealous Curator’s website. The way she applies paint is so clever and uses such simple shapes.


O’Keeffe, Preston, Cossington


We visited the O’Keeffe, Preston, Cossington exhibition today at the Queensland Art Gallery after Paul suggested it.

It was remarkable to see the diversity between these three women. I felt Margaret Preston’s work was looks much more dated to the 20s in terms of the colours, style and even subject matter- whereas Cossington’s work almost seems timeless and still quite contemporary.




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